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    PreSchool-Grade 1-To get ready for kindergarten Open School Night Molly draws a picture of her family to hang on the wall-herself Mommy Mama Lu and their puppy. After seeing the picture her classmates tell her "No one has two mommies." Despite her teacher's efforts to be supportive the child is still concerned. That night her parents explain "we decided we had so much love that we wanted to share it with a baby." Thus one of them is her birth mother; the other an adoptive parent. Still Molly leaves her drawing home the next day. With further matter-of-fact reassurance by her teacher and the budding understanding that all families are different Molly and indeed the whole class grows to accept her own family and she proudly hangs her picture on the wall. While the children in the story are not shy about expressing their feelings the author diffuses any tension by remaining focused on logic: Molly's family is as she claims. By tying this specific household to the general diversity within all families Garden manages to celebrate them all. The soft colored-pencil drawings with their many realistic details depict a room full of active kindergartners. There is a squat sweetness to the characters as they work together to make everything look and feel right.Martha Topol Traverse Area District Library Traverse City MICopyright © Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.